体育买球APP朗格尼医疗中心是美国首屈一指的学术医疗中心之一. 我们的三大使命是服务, teach, 和发现 is achieved daily through an integrated academic culture devoted to excellence in patient care, 教育, 和研究.


在三重使命的指引下服务, teach, 和发现, NYU Langone Health has achieved the stature of a preeminent academic medical center. 我们有10个专业在全国排名前10位 U.S. News & 世界报道.

The nation’s leading arbiters of healthcare performance—organizations like Vizient, 跳蛙集团, 医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心(CMS), 和联合委员会一直将体育买球APP朗格尼大学列为 质量安全全国一流的医院. All of our hospitals have earned the Magnet designation for excellence in nursing and quality patient care from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, 这个荣誉只有9人获得.美国有4%的医院.S. 我们的劳拉和艾萨克 珀尔马特癌症中心 is designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 这是对成就的最高认可. 面包干康复 is consistently ranked one of the top 10 rehabilitation programs in the country by U.S. News & 世界报道.

获得此类荣誉的舞台是在2007年搭建的,当时 罗伯特我. 格罗斯曼博士, an internationally distinguished neuroradiologist who had served as chair of NYU Langone’s Department of Radiology since 2001, was appointed the 15th dean of NYU School of Medicine and CEO of what was then named NYU Medical Center. 但该机构的崛起还有其他重要因素——即, 杰出教师的贡献, staff, 和学生, 以及我们的慈善合作伙伴的慷慨解囊. “We have all the ingredients to ascend to the rarefied status of a world-class, 以病人为中心, 综合学术医疗中心,” Dr. 格罗斯曼在授职仪式上宣布. His keen understanding of the institution—its rich history and untapped potential—would enable it to fulfill that aspiration.


体育买球APP朗格尼分校的崛起经历了近两个世纪. 成功的种子从一开始就播下了, in 1841, 作者:瓦伦丁·莫特, MD, 他是当时最好的外科医生. 那一年,博士. Mott led five other eminent physicians and scientists in founding the Medical College of 体育买球APP, NYU Langone的前身, 首届班有239名学生.

体育买球APP朗格尼分校的第一家医院, 被称为大学医院, 成立于1948年, 医学院成立一个世纪后. In 1963, a newly acquired site in midtown 曼哈顿—11 acres bounded by First Avenue and the Franklin D. 罗斯福东河大道, between 30th and 34th Streets—became the home of University Hospital’s new 18-story building. 采用医疗保健的新概念,363个床位的急症护理设施-现在 Tisch医院—partnered with outpatient practices to speed the translation of scientific discovery to the clinic and allow physicians to conduct academic 和研究 activities while maintaining private practice.

Though leadership added finite space for clinical care 和研究 in the coming decades, the institution’s growth did not match the demands of a growing patient population in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. When Dr. Grossman took the helm, he made facility expansion and improvement a top priority.


2008年,体育买球APP朗格尼分校推出了一项 校园改造计划, the most sweeping infrastructure modernization and revitalization project in its history, to more efficiently and effectively meet the demands of an increasingly complex healthcare environment. The ongoing initiative encompasses more than 15 million square feet of clinical, 教育, 以及整个医疗系统的研究空间. 八年后, an Energy Building debuted that is now able to meet 70 percent of the power needs on our midtown 曼哈顿 campus.

In 2018, 一座新的科学大楼, 体育买球APP朗格尼分校最大的研究机构, 联合调查小组以前住在几个设施里. 同一年,该计划的顶点项目—— Helen L. 马丁·S. Kimmel馆, became the only inpatient facility in New York City with exclusively private rooms. 在它的374个病房中,68个住在 哈森菲尔德儿童医院这是该市近15年来第一家新建的儿童医院. Every step in the execution of the ambitious 校园改造计划 has been enabled by the generosity of philanthropic partners.


NYU Langone’s transformation has extended beyond physical architecture to its digital infrastructure. Two information technology projects have enabled the institution to set a new standard for 以病人为中心 care. In 2011, NYU Langone实现了Epic, an electronic medical record system that digitized millions of paper medical records and provided a seamless online portal for patients and physicians, becoming the first healthcare institution in the New York metropolitan area to adopt a patient information system on an enterprise-wide basis. 同样的道理, Kimmel馆, 美国最先进的数字化住院设施之一.S., features a host of innovative tools that empower patients and clinicians alike.

A robust information technology network has been vital to the success of NYU Langone’s steady growth and expansion, 使整个企业的病人护理全面整合成为可能. The first hospital to merge with our institution was the Hospital for Joint Diseases, now known as 体育买球APP朗格尼骨科医院. 有225个床位的医院, 长期合作伙伴, 2006年成为体育买球APP朗格尼分校的骨科医院.


十年后, NYU Langone sought to bring its high-quality acute care to patients beyond 曼哈顿—and this geographic expansion, too, 是由慈善机构支持的吗. In 2016, we acquired Lutheran Medical Center, a 444-bed acute-care hospital in southwest 布鲁克林. 几年内, 体育买球APP兰贡医院-布鲁克林, 当它被重新命名时, benefitted so greatly from our health system’s infusion of resources and expertise that it now qualifies as one of the safest hospitals not only in New York City, 但是在这个国家. 布鲁克林唯一一家被CMS评为五星级的医院, 体育买球APP兰贡医院-布鲁克林 is the first and only hospital in 布鲁克林 to receive Magnet recognition for excellence in nursing and quality patient care.

In 2019, NYU Langone extended its reach once again, this time to Nassau County on Long Island. 我们收购温斯洛普大学医院, 米尼奥拉一家拥有591张床位的急症护理医院, 将体育买球APP朗格尼医疗系统扩大了25%. Thanks to the same rigorous quality control measures implemented at our 布鲁克林 hospital, 长岛体育买球APP朗格尼医院, 当它被重新命名时, 看到了它的平均停留时间, 这是病人安全的关键措施, 在短短两年内减少了近20%.

With shorter hospital stays leading to more and more patient care being delivered in outpatient settings, 体育买球APP朗格尼分校已经建立了一个广泛的流动护理网站网络, bringing medical services directly to the communities where patients live and work. 自2008年开设第一家网站以来, NYU Langone has established outpatient centers and faculty group practices in more than 纽约地区有320家分店这个星座在全国名列前茅.


追求同样雄心勃勃的目标 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院, Dr. Grossman has spearheaded innovations that have not only transformed the training of our own medical students, 但也启发了全国其他医学院的教育改革. In 2010, NYU Langone’s focus on 以病人为中心 care gave rise to a revamped curriculum that marked one of the most significant shifts in American medical 教育 in a century. The 21世纪的课程, or C21, 让学生更早、更频繁地与患者互动, and continues to evolve with new learning pathways that offer students more opportunities for specialized training in areas best suited to their interests. 医学专业的学生, 居民, and fellows at 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院 receive much of their clinical training at NYC Health + 医院/Bellevue, 美国最古老的公立医院, 成立于1736年.

2013年,学校开始提供一种 三年制速成医学博士学位 针对部分医科学生, an initiative designed to ease the financial burden of medical school and launch medical careers one year earlier than traditional students. The program made NYU Langone the first nationally ranked academic medical center in the U.S. to enable graduates to pursue a career in either primary care or the medical specialty of their choice in three years.

然后在2018年,通过数百名校友的慷慨捐赠, NYU Langone校董, 和其他奖学金的支持者——学校再一次创造了历史. 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院 became the first top-ranked medical school in the nation to provide 提供全额奖学金 致所有的新生和在校生, a bold strategy to reduce the staggering debt incurred by medical students due to the ever-rising cost of their 教育. 第二年, NYU School of Medicine was renamed 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院 in honor of Dr. 格罗斯曼里程碑式的教育成就和富有远见的领导, 是什么使这所学校在全国闻名. Today, one in six medical school applicants nationwide set their sights on 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院.

2019年,体育买球APP朗格尼分校在开办医学院时扩大了对医学生的培训 体育买球APP格罗斯曼长岛医学院它是体育买球APP体育买球APP朗格尼医疗中心的合资企业. 这所学校也提供 提供全额奖学金, is the only accelerated three-year MD program focused on primary care in New York State.


From its earliest days, 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院 has trained some 24,000 physicians. 我们的很多校友, 以及我们的临床医生和研究人员, 是否为疾病的诊断和治疗制定了新的标准, 并在生物医学科学方面取得突破或做出贡献. 2015年,由 爱德华多D. 罗德里格斯,医学博士,DDSHelen L. Kimmel Professor of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and chair of NYU Langone Health’s Hansjörg Wyss整形外科, performed the most extensive face transplant to date, followed in 2020 by the 世界首例成功的面部和双手移植手术.

2021年,由 Robert A. 蒙哥马利,医学博士他是 体育买球APP朗格尼移植研究所, the H. Leon Pachter, MD, Professor of Surgery, and chair of the Department of Surgery, performed the first investigational transplant of a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a brain-dead person whose bodily functions were sustained by mechanical support. In separate investigational procedures performed in June and July 2022, surgeons led by Dr. 罗伯特·蒙哥马利成功 从转基因猪身上移植心脏 脑死亡病人, marking the latest advance toward addressing the nationwide organ shortage and developing a clinical protocol that would provide an alternative supply of organs for people with life-threatening heart disease.


我们的团队有1人以上,300名研究人员, 包括250多名调查员, has amassed a portfolio of NIH funding that has grown from 129 million to $551 million over the past 16 years. 我们的研究团队来自60多个国家.

2021年,体育买球APP朗格尼健康中心被美国国立卫生研究院选为 Clinical Science Core of the Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery (RECOVER) Initiative 并获得了4.5亿美元的家长奖励. 从那时起, NYU Langone已经成功构建了RECOVER联盟, making multiple subawards to a network of lead investigators studying the long-term effects of COVID-19 at 33 institutions across the nation. 这些研究人员协调数据, 监控协议, 并指导与患者和临床医生的沟通.

我们的临床医生和研究人员继承了一个传奇的传统. 我们的两位校友, 乔纳斯·索尔克, MD, 和阿尔伯特·萨宾, MD, 研制脊髓灰质炎疫苗, 还有我们的一位教员, 扫罗克鲁格曼, MD, conducted research and helped formulate the policies for clinical use of vaccines against measles, rubella, 和乙型肝炎. A group of our physicians at Bellevue Hospital was the first to identify Kaposi’s sarcoma as an early symptom of AIDS. 体育买球APP格罗斯曼医学院 counts among its faculty and alumni four Nobel laureates: Otto Loewi, MD, who determined that the primary language of nerve cell communication is chemical rather than electrical; Severo Ochoa, MD, who conducted landmark studies in biochemical genetics and nucleic acids; Baruj Benacerraf, MD, who performed groundbreaking research on genetic regulation of the immune system; and Eric Kandel, MD, who contributed to our understanding of basic mechanisms of the nervous system.


NYU Langone’s world-class reputation has been built on extraordinary achievements, 该机构对大量试验的反应使其更加光彩夺目. 当飓风桑迪于10月29日袭击纽约市时, 2012, 这场危机激发了我们整个社区最好的一面. 13小时内, some 1,000 medical and professional personnel safely evacuated 322 patients under dire conditions, 将他们转移到其他14家医院. 最近,当纽约市成为美国最大的城市.S. 是2020年COVID-19大流行的中心, some 1,800 of our clinicians and countless support staff volunteered for frontline service as our hospitals cared for more than 7,000名病人受到病毒威胁.

Today, 体育买球APP朗格尼医疗中心是美国东北部最大的医疗保健系统之一, 超过46个,000名员工. A broad and diverse community of philanthropic partners continues to drive our success and champion our mission. 逆境磨练, 我们比以往任何时候都更有能力达到新的高度, 也比以往任何时候都更有能力履行我们对病人的责任, 帮助他们保持或恢复健康和幸福. “只要病人依赖我们,通常是在他们最黑暗的时刻,”医生说. 格罗斯曼说,“我们必须继续努力做得更好,变得更好。.”

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