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Before receiving care as a patient at NYU Langone, we ask that you review or sign several forms to make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities.


Prior to your hospital stay or doctor’s visit, forms and notices you need to review or sign are posted in your NYU Langone Health MyChart账户. If you are a patient at NYU Langone and do not have a MyChart account, you can 创建帐户. We also recommend that you download the NYU Langone Health应用 to access your MyChart account from your mobile device.

Download the NYU Langone健康应用 on the App Store or Google Play.


You can read and sign forms in advance of your visit in order to expedite your check-in process.

Review the patient notices and information for the following 参观类别:

Request and Share Your 医疗记录

You can request your medical records and share them with anyone you authorize, 比如医疗保健专业人员, 家庭成员, 或者法律专业人士. 了解更多关于 requesting your medical records.


You may be coming to NYU Langone for a doctor’s office appointment or for a hospital stay as an inpatient, outpatient, or for observation. The forms you need to fill out vary depending on the type of visit, which include the following:

  • 住院病人在医院的住院时间, which usually lasts more than two nights, 通常用于外科手术, 医学治疗, or to stabilize a serious illness or injury.
  • 门诊住院, which may take place at a hospital or one of our outpatient care centers, 你可以在哪里做测试, 各种治疗方法, 或者小手术. 停留时间通常是几个小时.
  • Observation, which is a specific kind of outpatient care. People under observation remain in a hospital bed while being monitored for a serious change in their medical condition, 通常不超过24小时. During that time, a healthcare team decides if the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital.
  • A visit to a doctor’s office to receive care from a physician or another medical professional.


During your first visit to an NYU Langone facility, 包括一家医院, 护理的位置, or doctor’s office where the NYU Langone logo is displayed, 你需要阅读并签署 病人 Privacy and HIPAA Rights forms. This information, along with our Health Information Exchange Fact Sheet and Consent Form, is also 提供多种语言版本. 了解更多关于 HIPAA患者隐私信息.  

For your safety, we use the 病人Secure® 系统. 利用生物识别技术, the 系统 scans a unique feature of your hand to simplify patient registration and provide the most accurate form of patient identification for future visits to NYU Langone.


People coming for an inpatient stay may need to review these notices and information:

We also provide inpatient forms in several languages, including 中国人, 英语, 海地克里奥尔语, 意大利朝鲜文, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语.


除了, people coming for an outpatient visit need to review the following forms and information:

We also provide outpatient forms in several languages, including 中国人, 英语, 海地克里奥尔语, 意大利, 朝鲜文, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语.


People coming for an observation visit need to review the following notice:


If you are a patient who has not yet been to an NYU Langone doctor’s office, you can review the registration forms below in advance of your first office visit to help expedite the initial registration process.

Please call your doctor’s office if you have questions about the forms.

Additional Forms for 到医生办公室就诊s

Review these additional forms that you may need 在 the course of your treatment at NYU Langone: